The Youth Prevention-Indicated (YPI) program provides drug, alcohol, and tobacco prevention and intervention to school districts in a 7-county area, which includes Calhoun, DeWitt, Goliad, Gonzales, Jackson, Lavaca and Victoria Counties.

The goal of the youth indicated programs is to identify individuals who are showing early warning signs of substance use or other high-risk problem behaviors and to curb those risky behaviors. This is achieved through curriculum based education and individual counseling.

Education is achieved through the facilitation of Curriculum Based Support Group (CBSG). CBSG is a 12-session interactive drug prevention curriculum designed for students ages 11-17. The sessions take place in a small group setting. Participants learn skills to achieve the goal of being drug-free. Throughout the 12 sessions, students learn about communication, coping skills, chemical dependency, decision-making, drug facts, and self-control. These components are delivered through discussion, games, role-playing exercises, videos, and student worksheets.

The YPI Program also provides screenings and individual counseling to students in early stages of substance abuse or at-risk for future substance abuse. Students are referred by school personnel, parents, probation officers, and/or court officials. When non-drug related problems are identified through the course of screening and counseling, referrals to other support services may be provided.

Mid-Coast Staff also provide presentations on alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs in a variety of settings for adults and youth. These presentations are conducted at schools, church groups, businesses, and other community and professional groups.

In addition to the above services, we have also collaborated with the Victoria Regional Juvenile Justice/Detention Center as well as Calhoun County Juvenile Probation to facilitate groups and provide counseling services.

If you would like more information on the YPI Program, please contact Tracy Aguilar, Director of Youth Services, at 361-575-7842.

Contact Info:
Tracy Aguilar, CPS
Director, Youth Indicated Services
120 South Main Ste. 175
Victoria, Texas 77901